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David Faure framework, parts, Javascript, I/O lib and maintainer faure kde.org
Simon Hausmann framework, parts hausmann kde.org
Michael Reiher framework michael.reiher gmx.de
Matthias Welk framework welk fokus.gmd.de
Alexander Neundorf List views neundorf kde.org
Michael Brade List views, I/O lib brade kde.org
Lars Knoll HTML rendering engine knoll kde.org
Dirk Mueller HTML rendering engine mueller kde.org
Waldo Bastian HTML rendering engine, I/O lib bastian kde.org
Germain Garand HTML rendering engine germain ebooksfrance.org
Leo Savernik HTML rendering engine l.savernik aon.at
Stephan Kulow HTML rendering engine, I/O lib, regression test framework coolo kde.org
Antti Koivisto HTML rendering engine koivisto kde.org
Zack Rusin HTML rendering engine zack kde.org
Tobias Anton HTML rendering engine anton stud.fbi.fh-darmstadt.de
Lubos Lunak HTML rendering engine l.lunak kde.org
Allan Sandfeld Jensen HTML rendering engine kde carewolf.com
Apple Safari Developers HTML rendering engine, Javascript
Harri Porten Javascript porten kde.org
Koos Vriezen Java applets and other embedded objects koos.vriezen xs4all.nl
Matt Koss I/O lib koss napri.sk
Alex Zepeda I/O lib jazepeda pacbell.net
Peter Kelly Javascript, HTML rendering engine pmk post.com
Carsten Pfeiffer framework pfeiffer kde.org
Wynn Wilkes Java 2 security manager support, and other major improvements to applet support wynnw calderasystems.com
Richard Moore Java applet support rich kde.org
Dima Rogozin Java applet support dima mercury.co.il
Stefan Schimanski Netscape plugin support 1Stein gmx.de
George Staikos SSL support staikos kde.org
Dawit Alemayehu I/O lib, Authentication support adawit kde.org
Torben Weis kfm author weis kde.org
Chris Lee web site webmaster konqueror.org
Stephan Binner Misc bug fixing and improvements binner kde.org

Konqueror uses OpenSSL, Copyright © 1995-1998 Eric Young (eay cryptsoft.com), see www.openssl.org.

For any question about Konqueror, please mail the developer's mailing list, kfm-devel (mention whether you're subscribed to the list when posting to it, see here for subscribing) instead of the individual developers.

There's an archive of the developer's mailing list.

Note that for bug reports or feature requests, you should rather use the bug-tracking system.

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