Konqueror makes working with and managing your files easy. You can browse both local and networked folders while enjoying advanced features such as the powerful sidebar and file previews.

Konqueror is also a full featured and easy to use web browser which you can use to explore the Internet.

In addition to browsing files and web sites, Konqueror utilizes KIO plugins to extend its capabilities well beyond those of other browsers and file managers. It uses components of KIO, the Konqueror I/O plugin system, to access different protocols such as HTTP and FTP (support for these protocols is built-in).

Similarly, Konqueror can use KIO plugins (called IOslaves) to access ZIP files and other archives, smb (Windows) shares, to process ed2k links (edonkey/emule), or even to browse audio CDs, ("audiocd:/") and rip them via drag-and-drop. These capabilities are used when Konqueror is in file viewer mode. The "man:" and "info:" IOslaves are handy for fetching nicely formatted documentation.

Finally, Konqueror can act as a file manager for local files but also, through FTP, WebDAV or other protocols, as a file manager for files on remote machines. The FISH ("fish://user@host") protocol can be used to manipulate files through SSH, allowing you to use Konqueror as the file manager for almost any machine you can connect to on the internet.

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