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Customizable Application

Konqueror is not only a very responsive and agile filemanager, as well as a web browser/universal document viewer; but it is also a fully customizable application which anybody can configure to suit their own needs. As can be seen from the various screenshots hosted on this site, there are many different ways to configure Konqueror - too many to list here. However, just because there are a myriad of configuration possibilities, that's no reason to rule out the basics of what can be changed exactly.

Konqueror defauls

Default view

In this screenshot, you have the standard Konqueror window with the default KDE theme. This is what users will see when KDE is first installed on any system, unless of course the vendor decides to ship with altered defaults.

Customized Konqueror

By firing up the configuration window you can configure Konqueror to suit your own needs. Almost anything is a configuration option away!
Customized Konqueror


A wide array of plugins are provided by default and you can build your own plugin too!

Since the entire KDE suite of applications is also very configurable, this means that laptop users can have configurations that fit laptops (small icons, low-color-count configurations and so forth); people who really miss Windows (c) can choose to use a Qt theme that looks very similar. They can also use the graphical configuration tool to set up Konqueror's toolbar to look just like Internet Explorer or Firefox.

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