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File Manager

At a first glance, Konqueror looks just like a normal file manager:

  • It displays files and directories using the "icons view" (three icon sizes), "columns view" or the "details view" (detailed view in which you can open sub-directories)
  • It allows copying, moving and deleting, by direct drag and drop or by using copy, cut and paste.
  • It provides properties on a file, to see and change its attributes in a dialog box.

But once you start using it you realize some of the more advanced functionality:

Network Transparency

Network Transparency

Konqueror can transparently access FTP and SFTP servers, zip files (and other archives), smb (Windows) shares, and even browse and rip audio CDs.

Split views and tabbed browsing

Work on two (or more) different directories side by side, drag & drop, and even preview or edit files right inside Konqueror!
Split views
Terminal pane

Terminal pane

Use the terminal pane to embedded a full featured terminal shell inside Konqueror to work on your current view.

Other features

  • Undo functionality
  • Support for service menus (easily compress/decompress files, convert image formats, version control integration, etc)
  • Automatic updating of directories (no need to manually refresh to view changes)
  • Ability to mass rename multiple files
  • Filter files by type, etc

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