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16-October-2007: Konqueror 3.5.8 Released

With this release, Konqueror got some improvements as well as khtml and kjs. Specially, khtml was worked on rendering, image loading, css support, ecma and a rework of the canvas support. Konqueror had fixes in the plugins, media:/ and system:/ were removed, and bugs in handling HTTP connections have been fixed. KDE 3.5.8 announcement can be found at and the complete changelog at

25-September-2006: Konqueror 3.5.4 Review on SoftPedia

SoftPedia wrote a very nice review of Konqueror - as a file manager, viewer, and web browser.

28-March-2006: Konqueror 3.5.2 Released

Konqueror 3.5.2 was released as part of KDE 3.5.2. khtml has had some performance improvements, as well some crash and bug fixes. You can see more khtml changes and improvements at the KDE 3.5.1 to 3.5.2 Changelog.

4-June-2005: KHTML Info Page Launched

Developers of the Konqueror components KHTML, KJS and KSVG have launched By creating an open Web portal the developers wish to promote their work and reach out to users and developers from both Open Source as well as commercial environments.

4-June-2005: Konqueror 3.4 Tricks feature

The Linuxuser magazine released an article about Working with Konqueror 3.4.

16-March-2005: Konqueror 3.4 Released

Konqueror 3.4 was released as part of KDE 3.4. khtml has improved standard support and now close to full support for CSS 2.1 and the CSS 3 selectors module. KHTML plugins are now configurable, so the user can selectively disable ones that are not used.

19-August-2004: Konqueror 3.3 Released

Konqueror 3.3 was released as part of KDE 3.3. This release ships more WebCore merges, type-ahead-find and unsubmitted form content warnings in khtml. Konqueror features IM contact integration, many flicker fixes and tab improvements. Plugins for documentation relations and a search bar were added to kdeaddons.

09-June-2004: Konqueror 3.2.3 Released

Konqueror 3.2.3 was released as part of KDE 3.2.3. Some bugs were fixed in khtml and Konqueror.

19-April-2004: Konqueror 3.2.2 Released

Konqueror 3.2.2 was released as part of KDE 3.2.2. Some bugs were fixed in khtml and Konqueror.

9-March-2004: Konqueror 3.2.1 Released

Konqueror 3.2.1 was released as part of KDE 3.2.1. Several bugs were fixed in khtml and Konqueror.

3-February-2004: Konqueror 3.2 Released

Konqueror 3.2 was released as part of KDE 3.2. This is the first release which ships with most of the khtml improvements which Apple supplied. Other enhancements include preloading, spellchecking in text forms, a web sidebar and improved bookmark handling and tabbed browsing.

15-September-2003: KDE Conquers the Vectors with KSVG

With the recent addition of KSVG to the kdegraphics module for KDE 3.2, Konqueror gains the ability to display SVG icons and websites which make use of it. Read the story for details.

04-April-2003: Konqueror Sidebar Gains Functionality

George Staikos added a feature which allows you to have a website panel as known from Mozilla within the Konqueror sidebar. has the full story with many screenshots.

08-January-2003: Apple chooses KHTML as rendering engine for Safari

Apple Computer Inc. released Safari, a new fast and lean Browser for MacOS X using KHTML, Konqueror's outstanding rendering engine. After the announcement on MacWorld, the Safari Team today passed all their changes along with a detailed ChangeLog to the Konqueror Developers and it seems that co-operation between the two Teams will continously improve KHTML. Get all details!

10-September-2002: Konqueror Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability

The KDE Project released two security advisories today. The first advisory is about a vulnerability in handling secure cookies, which has been fixed already in the KDE 3.0.3 release. Another vulnerability was discovered last week on Bugtraq, which is related to the cross site scripting protection in Konqueror. A patch and an updated kdelibs package was released today to fix both problems. The KDE 3.0.3 Info page was updated as well. It is recommended to upgrade immediately.

19-August-2002: Konqueror SSL vulnerability

A problem has been discovered in the way in which Konqueror handles SSL certificates. SSL certificates are used by websites to prove that they are indeed the website the user thinks they are. An advisory has been released to bring this issue under the attention of all KDE users. The solution is to upgrade kdelibs to KDE 3.0.3. A patch for KDE 2.2.2 is also available.

29-June-2002: Tabbed Browsing Support

The CVS version of Konqueror now comes with support for tabbed browsing.

09-November-2001: KDE Wins three Linux Journal awards

The KDE Web Browser Konqueror received the editors' choice award for the web client thanks to "its high quality and for its very good integration into the desktop". The other KDE laureates were KDevelop as best development tool and KDE itself for being the best desktop environment.

22-October-2001: Konqueror wins Linux New Media award

Konqueror, the versatile KDE web browser, file manager and document viewer, won the award for "Best client-side Open Source Software" at at the "Systems" fair in Munich, Germany. Alongside KDevelop, KDE's integrated development environment was awarded as best development software. More details about the awards are available (in German) from the web site.

11-September-2001: Konqueror JavaScript/DOM/CSS reviewed

Peter-Paul Koch, maintainer of a JavaScript/DOM/CSS testing site, updated his browser section. He reviews Konqueror, together with the other Version 5 browsers, Mozilla and IE and concludes, "In short, the few remaining bugs in Konqueror are details that no doubt will be solved soon. The development team has succeeded in building an excellent, standards compliant browser from scratch."

11-September-2001: Konqueror wins Tuxie Award

In the September 2001 issue of Linux Magazine, Konqueror, the KDE all-in-one wunder kind, has been awarded the Tuxie for Best Web Browser as part of the 2001 Editors' Choice Awards.

04-September-2001: Interview with the Konqueror core team

OSnews is running an interview with Konqueror developers Dirk Mueller, Waldo Bastian, Carsten Pfeiffer and Simon Hausmann about what the future holds in store for Konqueror. Most of the covered topics are familiar to the frequent reader, but some stuff -- such as details of the Atheos port, font handling, and plans for improved CSS2 support -- is very interesting. Read the whole interview.

15-July-2001: Konqueror Gets Text-to-Speech Synthesis

George Russell today released Speaker, a first salvo at making Konqueror synthesize text to speech and hence making Konqueror useable by people with visual impairments and by people who are otherwise unable to view a screen. Speaker is a plugin for Konqueror which provides text-to-speech-synthesis using the Festival Speech Synthesis System engine developed at Edinburgh University.

10-July-2001: Konqueror Gets Activ(eX)ated

Konqueror just gained the ability to embed MSIE ActiveX controls such as the popular Shockwave Player, and LivePics. Read the full announcement and the discussions on the dot.

19-Mar-2001: Konqueror gets form completion

Another cool khtml feature just made it into CVS. Konqueror is now capable of completing forms in webformulars as in IE5. Read the complete story on Kernel Cousin KDE.

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